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However, 20 years before the official war declaration, in 1944, no one would have ever guessed that the area of South East Asia is going to experience such development.As a communist, Minh founded the French Communist Party in 1930 (Moss, 2010).

Throughout the second half of 1967 the government had become anxious due to reports of declining public support for its Vietnam policies.The French had lost their power and Vietnam gained independence.

In addition, many historians, politicians and journalists indicted the established government policy, providing radically different opinions regarding the major causes of war and its consequences.Many Vietnamese people find it difficult to formulate and communicate their own thoughts, opinions and wishes in a clear, direct, and non-aggressive way.Besides the above mentioned facts, the country was left battered and depressed because of the uncertainty in the future policy, especially in the face of the complex challenges caused by the Cold War (Wiest 83).

The Vietnam War had a terrible impact on both the United States and Vietnam, and more importantly it would affect foreign policy for many years to come.Vietnam was ruled by the French until the beginning of WW2 as found in Encyclopedia Britannica1, and as WW2 began, Japan ended up taking over as stated in Vietnam War1.The war lasted 25 years killing many people and eventually the North Vietnamese won.Even though the Vietnam War had been considered as the only war that American ever lost, but many Americans believed it was a noble cause.World War 1 established the US as a formidable opponent and a world power.Opposition Leader Arthur Calwell and many Australian families who had to fight in the Vietnam War believed that it was a bad idea to send troops.The Western Nations were in favor of bringing democratic system of Government and Capitalist economy in the newly liberated Nations whereas, Russia considered it to its right specially on Eastern European countries.Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and delivered on time.

The North was supported by the Chinese communist, and the leader Ho Chi Minh.One can see that drugs had an impact on both social groups through the analysis of the hippie counter culture and the Vietnam soldiers.

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In addition, the key military operations during the war were influenced by the relationships between the military and the civilians.The leaders of North Vietnam and the Viet Cong wanted to reunify Vietnam under communist government.The major solutions to the war The major solutions to the war are based on the fact that the Vietnam War was the most significant military conflict of the 20-th century.The Vietnam War essaysThe Vietnam War was a war between Southern and Northern zones of.This led to big protests in the United States, especially amongst students.

Without any prior techniques on how to remove the thick vegetation the enemy found safety in, General William C.

Surrounded by enemy soldiers, and with no clear landing zone that would allow them to leave, Moore managed to persevere against the overwhelming odds and complete his objective.

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Vietnam is a developing country that sees the benefits of higher education, but due to structural problems, students and administration are dealt with many pressures to overcome.The wall inscribed with names of 58, 200 soldiers who lost their lives or went missing during the Vietnam War.

Many people suffered due to these beliefs and policies and that the Vietnam War is now considered as one of the most distressing moments in the 20th Century.Vietnam reflects the jungle in Heart of Darkness very accurately.

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For the first time people did not think of America as the savior but as the bad guy.

This basically meant that, because public opinion about the war had shifted, American troops must be withdrawn and the war handed back to the Vietnamese again.

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Opposition to the Vietnam War Essay. massive spike in the birth rates of the U.S for the next decade or so.Numerous veterans who fought in the war were injured or lost a comrade during battle.