Snow skiing terms

Hourglass Skis —Super-sidecut skis, or skis on which the tips and tails are significantly wider than the waist.Waist —The narrowest part of a ski in between the tip and the tail.

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This is your opportunity to try skiing and snowboarding in a fun, inexpensive environment.Mashed Potatoes - The effects warm, often in the springtime weather, has on snow.Here is a list of terms to describe snow and skiing conditions.Back country skiing occurs outside the ski resort area on unmarked slopes.Souffle Dure - Naturally packed, firm snow that occurs after a snowfall on a north facing, steep, rarely skied couloir.Check your inbox for your first email (and a little surprise) from REI.

Applied to the underside of your ski or snowboard to help it glide more smoothly over the snow.Antonyms for skiing. 7 words related to skiing: traversal, traverse, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, athletics, sport, piste.Skiers sit on the round disc, with their legs either side of the pole, and are dragged to the top of the slopes.Black Diamond —An expert-level ski slope designated by a sign with a black diamond on a white background.

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Christie —A braking turn in which the ski tails are allowed to skid.A list of terms, jargon and abbreviations usually used around snowboarding circles.They get built up by skiers turning, and are most often found on the black runs.Parallel turns are turns where the skis always stay parallel to each other throughout each turn.Who we are At REI, we believe that a life outdoors is a life well lived.It makes ski history accessible to thousands of enthusiasts on the.Carve —A clean turn made on the edge of the ski, without skidding.The baseplate is one of the most important part of your ski bindings.

Because these are not regulated ski zones, and the snow is not really managed as such, the avalanche risk is increased.Inner Boot —Insulating, cushioning ski boot liner that can be removed for drying.Double Diamond —An extreme, expert-only ski slope, designated by a sign with 2 black diamonds on a white background.Ski Boards —Very short, twin-tipped skis used for carving fast turns, jumping and doing acrobatic tricks.Days of above freezing temps including days of rain followed by no snow and below freezing temps, like early February 2015.Gondola —A fully enclosed ski lift, in which skiers remove skis and stand or sit.

Skis are sporting equipment—long, thin pieces of wood, plastic, or metal that you strap to your feet so you can glide across the snow or down a snowy hill.Freeriders want to leave the restrictions of the pistes behind, and let their skis out the cage.

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Slalom —Skiing in a zigzag or wavy course between upright obstacles, usually flags.Salopettes and ski pants are waterproof trousers, purposed for snow sports, that keep you warm and dry while skiing.We talk to experts to see what they make of Surfing and Skateboarding becoming Olympic Sports.They lack a significant arch or wax pocket underfoot, as found on Cross-Country-camber skis.T-Bar —A ski lift that pulls one or 2 skiers up a slope at a time with their skis resting on the snow.