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MORTGAGE LIFTER- a large pink beefsteak type tomato (many red variations as well) with solid flavorful interiors and deep crimson flesh, some green shoulders, tends to prefer hot, dry conditions.Determinates may be a better choice where tomatoes are grown in a very small.

It was the first to set fruit in my high tunnel and field and stays.YELLOW CUP- also known as YELLOW STUFFER, vigorous ind., mature fruit is a bright golden yellow, bell pepper shaped, usually 2-4 lobes, hollow stuffing variety.

ISLANDAISE-a large cherry to 2-bite size tomato, red, small vines, determinant, very early production often the first in the garden to produce serious salad tomatoes.However, this type of plant continues to grow, with vines lengthening and setting.A great selection of shapes, colors, sizes of heirloom tomatoes for your garden with the most delicious flavors.Leaving a couple of leaves on each stem helps shade the fruit and increases photosynthesis.

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BUSH BEEFSTEAK- great name for selling in packs, apparently used for several similar cultivars, determinate, medium sized red tomato with meaty interiors, we grew seed from several sources that showed variations.

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Home Guides Garden Garden Care by Demand Media Home Guides Garden Garden Care How to Prune Indeterminate Tomato Plants Pruned indeterminate tomato plants produce larger and more flavorful tomatoes.Caging is the simplest way to support tomatoes and is the perfect solution for determinate varieties.German bred, indeterminate, bears small cherry size fruits which are very sweet but still have an old fashipned tomato flavor.I believe there may be different strains of this, an early compact version and also a much older ind. kind with larger fruit.Tomatoes are relatively easy to grow compared to cucumbers and lettuce, and yields can be very high.

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Learn the differences of each type and why each might be best for your.Doucet in 1987. R. Doucet made hundreds of crosses and selections to produce good commercial cold tolerant field tomatoes.Be the first on your block with a giant tomato by growing this early beefsteak hybrid.Snip off all lateral branches below the developing cluster of blossoms. 2 Cut off the suckers just above the second leaf from the bottom.There are probably dozens and dozens of beefsteak variants from numerous selections which have recognizably different traits.

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Here is the difference between determinate and indeterminate tomato plants.My notes describe a slight to moderate ribbed large golden yellow fruit with green shoulder and large stem scar, somewhat flattened and late maturing. Ind. plants, much branched, sprawling, productive.GROSSE DE LUZERET-productive clusters globe to top-shaped fruit, red, thick walls, ind.In that time I have probably grown out several hundred varieties of tomatoes.The best tomato depends on your growing conditions and taste and plant preferences.

SANTIAM- from the OSU tomato breeding program, small compact plants with variable sized medium fruit which are seedless in the early part of the year when there are few insects, surprisingly nice flavor and size for a very early tomato.My notes say a cross between Oxheart and Ponderosa Pink, possible, I guess.Upright semi det., with vigorous growth, smooth, firm red globes, disease resistant.Low growing, much branching bush sprawls and produces the smallest tomatoes known, the size of petit pois peas from early in the season.Varieties of tomatoes, Heirloom Tomato Seed, buy tomato seeds, indeterminate, determinate varieties.All our plant tags identify whether a variety is indeterminate.When growing tomatoes and reading about them—on our website, store signs, and plant tags—you eventually encounter a lot of tomato growing terms.Porter Seeds in Texas recommended it as an income producer for late fall to winter unheated greenhouse structures in the deep South.

Selecting the tomato plants you want to grow will most likely depend on at least three criteria: climate, personal preference and pest resistance.BONANZA- short stake, leafy plant with thick stems, good yields on sandy soils, tolerates heat well.

Learn about determinate vs. indeterminate tomatoes, including the differences between the two, when to use which type, and pros and cons of both types.

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MARMANDE- very old European variety that has been reborn every once in a while (MARMANDE VF, MARMANDE DE REHOVET, SUPER MARMANDE), small flattened beefsteak with moderate ribbing and good flavor, compact plants.

MEXICAN RED PEAR is a selection of a very small fruited kind.

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The beginning of April has passed, which means now is the perfect time to.

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Some Bonnie Plants varieties may not be available in your local area, due to different variables in certain regions.Vines grow long, so give the plant the support of a tall cage or stake.Tree tomato mosaic virus causes pale mottling on leaves and sometimes on the fruits which has not been considered a serious disadvantage.There is considerable diversity in this group made more complex by the rampant crossing between Currant tomatoes (L. pimpinfolium) and Cherry tomatoes (L. esculatum).